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Drone Hosts are non-sentient, unmonitored, off-network hosts used by Delos "behind the scenes" of the park to carry out support tasks for operations. Drone Hosts differ from regular hosts in that they do not have defined facial or other cosmetic features. They appear to have a similar musculature as regular hosts, but with an older model host exoskeletal structure outside of the inner actuator Hosts (WTF) | White Wolf Wiki | Fandom The Hosts are antagonists from White Wolf's Werewolf: The Forsaken roleplaying game. The Hosts (First Tongue: shartha) are bizarre creatures who, like the Forsaken, are a hybrid of spirit and flesh, man and animal. They are typically descended from powerful Pangaean spirits hunted by Father Wolf for their attacks on humanity. They escaped total destruction by splitting themselves into Category:Hosts | Total Drama Wiki | Fandom

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Hosts, or Godlings, in The Kane Chronicles and Demigods& Magicians.

These are the people who have hosted (or co-hosted) Mark Goodson-Bill Todman/Mark Goodson game shows.