connect 502: Transparent mode failure: could not resolve original destination. disconnect -> handled 0 requests Which causes the connection to get dropped. I've read about the sudo issue with OS X and made sure to use sudo within 5 minutes of starting up mitmproxy, no dice.

A frustrated young woman presses her hands against her face in front of her laptop PC [Solved] "Servers are too busy, please try again later Jinson K V More from this Author . Jinson professionally is a software engineer from India who loves developing mobile apps and games. He has a Masters degree in Computer Application from MG University Kottayam. How to configure VPN function on TP-LINK Routers Gateway is Router B’s WAN IP address, Step 10 : Look for Policy Mode and select IKE. Step 11 : Under IKE Policy, we select test1 which is used. Step 12 : Under IPsec Proposal, we use ipsec1 in this example. 8 Step 13 : Look for PFS, we set NONE here, under SA Lifetime, enter “28800” or the period 502 bad gateway是什么意思_百度知道

Or is my 2Wire Gateway 2700HG-B going bad? Thanks in advance for your input. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (329) Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to RSS feed; Answer Jack MVP

Astrill down for anybody else? : China Yea Streisand is good and bad. Good, gives you lots of options to circumvent if one goes bad. Bad, if someone knows the ip, it would give them a variety of ways to attack it. But indeed roll your own server, that way you know when the unscheduled/scheduled downtime will be. 502 Bad Gateway ???? [Résolu] - Comment Ça Marche

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小蘑女 评论 Astrill 2013-06-13 11:17:53. 今天试了无数次都登陆不上去,返回HTTP/1.502 BAD GATEWAY,有时候返回说TIME OUT,各种登陆不上去,不知道是为什么呢?